As National Apprenticeship Week comes to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on how we have successfully grown our Apprenticeship numbers while recognising the continued challenge in tackling our industry’s skills shortages.

This week the CITB reported record numbers of construction apprentices nationally –

We’re proud also of the fact that we are not compromising quality while we grow. Our training has a high achievement rate for students, with apprentices regularly winning awards for their high levels of skill. Indeed one of our apprentices will be picking up another award at tonight’s Freemen of Oxford awards!

Managing Director Adam Marsh comments:

“We are delighted that record numbers of employers and students are choosing to use our services ahead of alternative options. The news from the CITB is also welcome but it is important to recognise that there is much more needed to do in order to solve the major skills shortages in our industry. It has been a demanding year with apprenticeship reforms and the spectre of Brexit, and we need the message to be loud and clear that we need further and sustained investment in apprenticeships from the industry. We also need government to ensure that the current reform programme serves as an incentive for employers, rather than a barrier. We also need the process of introducing Apprenticeship ‘Standards’ for our industry to be prioritised, to remove uncertainty around our long-term training offer”

We can start apprentices training with us at any time during the year, we do not run fixed entry points. We run monthly Saturday Open Mornings and can make appointments at other times to suit individuals and employers. If you think we can help, get in touch 01865 370040 or [email protected]

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