Unlocking Potential

We are delighted to be joining up with a number of Oxfordshire’s leading youth support and training organisations on the ‘Unlocking Potential’ programme, which is part of the Building Better Opportunities scheme funded by the Big Lottery and European Social Fund.

What is the Unlocking Potential programme?

The programme will offer a schedule of fun group/social activities provided in locations across the county, including: sports (such as football, coaching and ‘soccercise’ sessions run by Oxford United Community Trust, and quad biking and off-road motorbiking by TRAX); industry taster days (such as construction days at our training centre and café taster sessions at Yellow Submarine); film, digital media and video & photography sessions (at Synolos and Aspire); and a mobile outreach service including to rural areas (provided for example by SOFEA, BYHP and Yellow Submarine), to engage potential eligible young people Not in Education, Employment or Training. Oxford City Council is the Lead Organisation and brings its compliance and governance expertise to support and enable the project partnership.

The opportunities offered by this partnership enable young people to quickly develop self-confidence, self-esteem, work readiness and employability.

They provide support into meaningful employment, education and training opportunities with a diverse range of local employers and training providers, with ongoing in-work support. This project will provide a comprehensive, intensive and integrated package of fun engagement activities, real work experience, accredited entry-level training, employability development, one-to-one holistic support and work readiness opportunities to 220 young people aged 17-21 NEET for 6 months or more in the county.

Very few people find the right key straight away, and we believe young people should not be put off if they’ve tried something before and it didn’t work out, but should try something new instead!