One of the brilliant benefits of taking on an apprentice as a CITB-registered employer, is the very generous grant scheme (check out the numbers here ££££) they operate, which is an important and unique incentive to help employers with the costs of taking on an apprentice.

The great news is that it is not just employers placing apprentices with CITB to train through their network of subcontracted colleges, who can access the grants.

CITB-registered employers working directly with independent training providers like ACE Training, can access exactly the same grant system with the same value of grants available to them.  There is an extra step in the process that requires the employer to make a manual application and claim through an grant application form, but ACE supports and helps employers all the way with that.

So the employer gets the same financial support, end-to-end assistance from our team, as well as the other benefits of working with a flexible training organisation delivering quality apprenticeship training. Not bad, eh?

For more on the apprenticeship grant scheme operated by the CITB, please see here.

To speak to one of the team on how you can work with ACE and claim the apprenticeship grants, please call on 01865 370040 or email [email protected]


Good luck to everyone who is collecting GCSE results tomorrow. If you have just completed our summer programme or are joining one of our courses in September please remember to email your results to Sonia or Lyndsey ASAP on [email protected]


When you’ve had six weeks of full-on construction training, there’s no better way to sign off than running around some woods with paintball guns, is there?!  We had a fantastic time last Friday to say thank you to the amazing students who’ve been with us during our Summer Programme.  They have been an exceptional group and it is great that a number have already sorted out apprenticeships and full-time courses and we’ll be seeing them very, very soon!  We still can’t believe they ate all that pizza though……

We are delighted to confirm our success in passing assessment by the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and will remain on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP).

Our resubmission followed widespread criticism of last year’s RoATP application process which saw a number of organisations awarded training contracts despite having no track record of apprenticeship delivery.  Following a review, providers have been required to reapply to the register and meet more “stringent and challenging entry requirements”.

Our Managing Director Adam Marsh:

“We are delighted to receive confirmation that we continue to meet the criteria set out by the ESFA for the delivery of quality apprenticeship training. This is further validation of the high standards we set for our provision and we support the ESFA’s work in rigorously ensuring that only those providers delivering quality training, like ACE, will remain on the register”.

We currently have almost 100 construction trade apprentices, predominantly in Oxfordshire, and have seen our apprenticeship numbers grow steadily, with more firms in the industry making us their training provider of choice locally.  We start learners, including apprentices, at any point across the year and are holding an Open Doors week for prospective students and apprentices on the 19th-23rdAugust.  For more information on our courses and events, contact us on 01865 370040 or [email protected]

Seeing the recent ministerial reshuffle and the return of our former local MP – and ACE supporter – Baroness Blackwood to government, reminded us of the day she and the now Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock visited ACE during National Apprenticeship Week in 2015.  It was great that they took the time to come and see us and we were impressed by their skills for sure!